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Webflow Website Development for the Web3 Space

Developing Charlie Gaming's NFT and Metaverse Platform

For the last several months, I have had the opportunity to work on a Webflow Development project focused on NFT Games and Metaverses.

It pushed my boundaries as a developer, as well as it pushed Webflow’s capabilities to handle the needs of the project.

We not only redesigned the site but we migrated it over from Wordpress to Webflow to provide more functionality, greater speed, and SEO optimization.

Charlie Gaming
Build Time
3 Months
Webflow Development
Web Design
Charlie Gaming NFT Metaverse Website
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Casey is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in the use of Webflow. He has impressed me with his ability to turn complex design concepts into beautifully functional websites. I highly recommend him for any web design projects.

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Project Scope

Charlie Gaming needed to migrate their website from Wordpress to a platform that could handle their growing collection of Analyses and News in the NFT Games and Metaverse space. They needed speed, functionality, and styling that was not possible with their current platform.

We migrated their site from Wordpress to Webflow, while also providing them a fresh new look that is more akin to the Web3 NFT and Metaverse space.

They also needed to launch a paid premium version that is managed via Webflow Memberships and gates content on the site.


Crafting the Web3 Digital Space: Our Webflow Deliverables

  • Fresh redesign for the Web3 space.
  • Development and copywriting based on brand guidelines and story.
  • CMS collections that would be easy for the client to update, as well as provide the ability for numerous writers to access the site and add content on a daily basis.
  • Speed, style, and functionality previously not available via Wordpress.
  • Use Client First, as well as Finsweet Attributes such as Filter, Nest, Load, Next Previous, Table of Contents for added functionality.
  • Memberships and eCommerce that allows for premium gated content.
  • Multilingual site using Weglot.
Website development and design example

Modern Web Aesthetics: Charlie Gaming's NFT Interface

Charlie Gaming needed a design to match today's web standards. The site now has a dark theme, gradients, proper typography, and graphics. Interactions also play a big role, ensuring Charlie Gaming fits the needs of those exploring NFT Games and Metaverses.

Gating Premium Content: Webflow Memberships in Action

Charlie Gaming offers both free and premium content. We used Webflow’s Membership Platform to handle their premium content.

We used conditional visibility with Memberships to show parts of the premium pages. This is important for trust and marketing, as it helps potential premium members get a feel before subscribing. It also lets Charlie Gaming show the value of what they offer and gain more subscribers.

Website development and design example
Website development and design example

Advancing Functionality: Finsweet’s Client First and Attributes

'Client First' is getting more popular for Webflow. It helps with faster builds that are still easy to change and update as scale.

We also added Attributes for more site functions. This lets us filter, sort, and add collection items to sliders.

We also used the Table of Content Attribute and CMS Next Previous to keep readers engaged.

Webflow by the Numbers: Charlie Gaming's Development Milestones

The site is still growing, and ongoing development will continue, but as of today the numbers are:

  • 17 static pages
  • 19 active CMS collection pages
  • 25 CMS Collections (some of these are reference collections)
  • 518 items in the CMS right now, but that number is growing daily and should be up over 1,000 soon.
  • 53 fields in 4 collections with several of these fields being reference fields to other collections.
  • Too many conditional statements on the template pages to count 😬
  • eCommerce pages = 4
  • Membership pages = 6
Website development and design example

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