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Why Hire A Professional Web Designer?

Blog author Casey Lewis CL Creative
Casey Lewis
October 21, 2022
Why Hire A Professional Web Designer?

Hiring a professional web designer is one of the most important things you can do. Think about it: your website is the most important marketing tool for your business. There is a lot of competition but there is also a lot of opportunity. It is estimated that 1.7 billion websites exist. There are over 4.5 billion people who interact with the web on a daily basis. 

Building a website is a huge investment and it needs to be functional, professional, and intuitive. 

When it comes to designing and launching a new website, many businesses make the mistake of thinking they can handle the project themselves. However, unless you have extensive experience in web design, UI design, and web development it’s usually not as easy as it might seem.

Web design is not as simple as choosing a template from a website builder. All the big builders out there, like SquareSpace and Wix, will tell you that all you need to do is buy a template, plug in your information, launch a website, and watch the customers roll in.

If you think that sounds too good to be true, you're right. Web design is not plug and play.  

Not only is it not as easy as it might seem, we can’t forget that first impressions matter.  

Nearly 60% of consumers say their buying decisions are influenced by a company’s website design. 

That’s why it’s so important to create a site that accurately reflects your brand and engages your target audience.

Hiring a website designer is the best way to ensure you are able to make a good first impression, as well as get the project finished on time. 

What are some other reasons you need to stop putting off hiring a web designer and start investing in one for your next project.

What is a web designer?

Web designers are responsible for the visual design and layout of a website. They work with clients to understand their unique needs and create a unique and effective online presence that helps to meet the business’ goals and objectives. 

What are the benefits of hiring a professional web designer for your next website project?

There are several benefits of working with a professional web designer, including:


A professional web designer will create a visually appealing website that is on brand for your business, as well as one that is functional. A well-designed website can help your business stand out from the competition, and attract more customers and clients.


User experience (UX) is a major consideration when designing your website. Ensuring visitors have a positive experience when interacting with your site is crucial. 

User experience design takes into consideration a number of factors such as navigation and how information is processed. A website that is designed with the user in mind should be easy to navigate and include all the information your customers are looking for. 

A professional web designer will make sure your site is designed from a usability standpoint so that users can easily find the information they need without having to click around and struggling to understand your offer.

Optimized for Search

A professional web designer will also be able to ensure that your website is optimized for search engines, so that it appears as high up as possible in search results. This can help drive more traffic to your website, and can ultimately lead to more sales and conversions.

Conversion Optimization

A major goal of any business website is to generate leads or sales. A professional web designer will help you design a website that is optimized for conversion, with clear calls-to-action (CTAs), easy forms, and an intuitive user flow.

Security & Maintenance

A professional web designer will also set up security measures to protect your website from hacking and malware attacks by helping you choose a host that is reliable and secure. This is one reason we have chosen Webflow at our agency. It is not only fast but secure. They have an entire team dedicated to keeping your website safe and fully functional. 

They can also help you maintain your website over time, ensuring all content is up to date and fresh. As well as they can help ensure that your website stays optimized for search and free of problems.


Another key benefit of hiring a professional web designer is that they can help you save time. Designing and building a website from scratch can be a time-consuming process, particularly if you are not familiar with web design principles. 

By hiring a professional, you can focus on running your business while they take care of the design and development of your website.

What should you look for when hiring a web designer?

There are a number of things you should consider when hiring a web designer. 


A professional web designer will have the experience and skills necessary to create a website that is both visually appealing and easy to use. They will use professional web design tools like Figma or Adobe XD. As well as they will be familiar with Photoshop and graphic design tools like Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer. 

Using a tool like Figma is an industry standard as well as it will benefit you as the client. Figma makes it easy to collaborate on your design, allowing you the opportunity to review and provide feedback real time. 

Design and photo manipulation tools are necessary to create a custom look and feel. If someone doesn’t have experience in these areas, they might not be able to accomplish the overall vision for the site or create that custom look that sets you apart from your competition. 


A professional web designer will have a process by which they work. They won’t wing. Instead, they’ll know what they need to do and walk you step by step through the process in order to design, build, and launch a successful website. 

Whether they are using one of the popular project management methodologies like Agile, Kanban, Waterfall, Scrum, or Critical path doesn’t matter as much as they have a process. A process that optimizes the workflow so your website gets built on time and with the most care possible. 

Look for a web designer who has a clear process outlined on their website. As well as one who will take the time to understand your business and your goals and objectives. 

There are a lot of designers who can design well. But managing a project is another story. Ideally, you need someone who can both design your website and act as a project manager, walking you through a well defined process. 

Custom design

More often than not, professional web designers don’t work with website templates. Templates are limiting and force you to build your web presence around a predefined style rather than building your website around your business.

Instead, professionals work with you to understand your business, your needs, your user journeys, and what features you need to solve your real world problems. 

They can help you integrate important features like payment processors, contact forms, and social media buttons into your website. As well as help you integrate necessary features and business components that provide you the components you need to run your business. 

Professionals will also be able to create custom designs that meet your business objectives and goals, so you can market your products and services more effectively to your ideal customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another important difference is in the area of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Professional web designers understand how to optimize a website for search engines so that it can rank high in the search results. This is an important consideration as a website that is not optimized for search engines is practically invisible to potential customers.

When you are considering hiring someone to design your website, it is important to choose someone who has the skills and experience necessary to create a high-quality site. Hiring a professional web designer will ensure your website looks great and functions well, helping you attract more customers and grow your business.

How much does it cost to hire a web designer?

The cost of hiring a professional web designer can vary depending on the scope and size of your project. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from 5,000 to $10,000+ for a good custom-designed website.

If you’re looking for a simple website with a basic set of pages, you can probably get away with paying around $3,000. But if you need a more complex site with custom features or an eCommerce store, you’ll likely need to budget closer to the $5,000 to $10,000 range or more.

Of course, these are just rough estimates—the actual cost of your project will depend on the specific requirements of your project. 

While these numbers vary, and there is a cost associated with hiring a web designer, in general, it’s worth investing in a professional web designer to create a high-quality website that will help you achieve your business goals.

How can you find a web designer?

One easy way to find a web designer is to open Google and perform a search like: “Web Designer + (Your City)”, or you could search something like “Web designer near me”. Those are great ways to find someone local. 

Local is not always better, but local is a good way to start. I enjoy working with local clients since I get to meet them in-person, see their business, and hear more of their story. There is also the ability to interact with their customers and their employees. Yes, you can do these things virtually, and I do, but there is more of a personal connection when you are able to meet physically. 

Apart from looking locally, you can also search nationally. Or you can look at sites like TopTal, WeLoveNoCode, and Linkedin

I have acquired a lot of business from Linkedin. It is a great way to find web designers, as you are able to read their profile, see their posts, how they interact with other people, and even see their work. You can read recommendations and reviews. As well as you can chat with them before the process begins. Not only that, but Linkedin doesn’t charge you an additional fee like some of the other talent websites do. 


Overall, hiring a professional web designer can provide numerous benefits for your business. If you are looking to create a high-quality, effective website, then working with an experienced professional is the best way to achieve this.

If you are looking for a professional to manage your website project, let’s talk. I’d be happy to provide you with a quote for your next project. 

You can get in touch with a professional web designer by emailing me at: or just give me a call (706) 338-6155.

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