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The Simple 3 Step Strategy to being Successful at Anything

Blog author Casey Lewis CL Creative
Casey Lewis
July 8, 2022
The Simple 3 Step Strategy to being Successful at Anything

I'm sharing the simple 3 step strategy to being successful at anything. Success is something we all want, but few attain it. Why is that? What makes success elusive? More importantly, what’s the simple 3 step strategy to being a successful person? 

Coding in Code Academy

It doesn't look like much today. I coded a simple table for a Wine Festival Schedule. But imagine what it will look like in a few more days, weeks, or months? No, I'm not talking about the table you see on the screen, but my future work. I learned to code that table with a few days' effort. Imagine what I’ll be able to do after a few more sessions. 

More importantly, imagine what you will be able to do if you put in the work. Imagine how you can change your life. Imagine how you can change the trajectory of your family line. Imagine what success would look like for you.

My Backstory

If you don’t care about my backstory and you are just here for the good stuff, skip to the next section. If you want to know what I have been up to, keep reading. 

Recently, I went all in on seeking to build a web design company that helps startups and wellness brands attract clients and ultimately drive conversions. I have a passion for small businesses, especially those that are struggling or just getting off the ground. I love sitting down with owners and talking about their ideas, helping them determine what it is that only they can do, and designing a website that brings their vision to the world. 

Up to this point, I have primarily been developing the websites I design with Webflow, a no code / low code affordable website builder that is super powerful. I've designed and developed nice websites for clients in a number of industries. A website that they are proud to share with their family and friends, put on a business card and showcase to their potential clients. Websites that drive conversion.

Holistic Path Management Website for addiction recovery.

While I will stick with Webflow for the foreseeable future, I don’t want my business to be reliant on one tool. I am looking to future proof my abilities so that I can continue to do the work I love to do and bring value to my current and future clients. There is no doubt that no code tools like Webflow will be around in the foreseeable future. They open a lot of doors for a lot of people, and they ultimately save businesses time and money in bringing their products and services to market. 

While no code tools are here to stay, I don’t believe we should rely on them, which is why I am spending the time and effort to learn to code websites from scratch without the need to use a website builder, even if it is a super powerful tool like Webflow.

Growth Doesn't Happen Overnight 

In an effort to grow my skills and advance as a developer, I'm learning to code. Learning to code doesn't happen overnight. It takes time and effort. But so does anything we want to do in life.

  • You don't become a good basketball, baseball, or football player without investing time and effort.
  • You don't become a good writer without investing time and effort.
  • You don't become a good musician without investing time and effort.
  • You don't become good at [whatever it is that you want to be good at] without investing time and effort.

Secret to Success

I am sure you have heard that time + effort = success. I have heard it over and over again. 

“You aren’t going to be successful if you don’t put in the effort.” 
“You aren’t going to be successful if you don’t work hard.” 
“Hustle = success.” 
“No pain, no gain.” 

I can keep going, but I think you get the point. We are all familiar with those sayings. 

But there is something those sayings leave out. Maybe they don’t mean to leave it out, or it is implied. But it is easy to miss that which is implied. I know it is for me. I need someone to spell it out for me.

So what’s the secret to being successful at anything? 

The secret is that you have to invest your time and effort wisely. 

What does it look like to invest time and effort wisely?

I believe you invest your time and effort wisely, when you work at whatever it is that you want to be successful at on a regular / consistent basis. 

That means, the secret to success is not only hard work - it is not just time + effort, but it is time + effort on a consistent basis. 

That is what Nike is getting at with their slogan “Just Do It”. They are telling you - Just put in the time. Just put in the effort. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like, get out there and run the laps, hit the ball, shoot hoops, etc. Just do it. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

That is what you have to do if you want to be successful. 

Time + Effort + Consistency = Success

It sounds simple, and it is, but putting in the work on a consistent basis is where many of us struggle, myself included. 

How do you break through the consistency barrier, so that you are putting in the necessary work to be successful? 

I believe there are three simple steps you can to take to break through the barrier. Three simple steps that stand in between you being a successful person or not. Three simple steps! 

What are the three simple steps to success?

(1) Schedule the Time

I find scheduling time is crucial. If I don't schedule the time, I won't put in the time. Something else will come up. The next thing I know, the time I had allotted for skill improvement is gone. 

One simple step you can take right now is to schedule your skill development time. Yes, I am asking you to get out your calendar - paper or digital - and schedule time for you to develop your desired skill. 

It doesn’t have to be hours. It might just be five minutes that you schedule for skills development. But if you don’t schedule those five minutes, I guarantee you won’t do it. Instead, the day will end and you will say,  “I’ll do it tomorrow.” But you won’t do it tomorrow. Not unless you have scheduled the time on your calendar. 

Schedule the time!

(2) Pick the Place

The next thing that is crucial is picking the place in which you are going to do the work. Yes, I am asking you to pick the actual space you are going to work in to develop your skill. 

Place is important. At least it is for me. Not only does it remind me what I am there to do, but it also ensures that the environment is one in which I can actually work at developing my skill set. 

Think about what skill you want to develop. Where is the best place to develop that skill? What place is going to provide you the greatest focus and resources?

Now that you have the space in your mind, write it in the location section of your calendar. That way when it is time for you to work on your chosen skill, you don’t have to find a place to do the work. You already know the place. You can’t use that as an excuse. 

Pick the place!

(3) Settle into a Routine

Routine is not a dirty word. We all have routines, even the person who says they don't have a routine, they have a routine. I bet there is something they do on a routine basis.

As you can tell, I don't believe routines are bad. I thrive on routine and I bet you will too. Here is what my morning routine looks like:

  • Get out of bed
  • Start the coffee
  • Let the dog outside
  • Feed the dog
  • Get a cup of coffee
  • Go to my back porch
  • Check my email, my social media, and my calendar
  • Read for a few minutes (I typically read the Bible)
  • Dive into skills development.

Every morning that is what I do. I go through the same routine. Because I have established my morning routine, I am able to get things done and work on developing new skills. 

Let me encourage you to establish a routine as well. It might be similar to mine, or it might be completely different. Your routine is your routine. It is just important that you establish a routine. 

Establish a routine!

The Secret to Success is Not Revolutionary

I told you that the secret to being successful at anything is simple. I hope you agree. But I also hope you see that success doesn’t just involve time + effort.

The secret to success is Time + Effort + Consistency. It is the consistency part of the equation that we tend to leave out. But it is the most important part. 

The simple 3 step strategy to being consistent with your effort is to:

  • (1) Schedule the time
  • (2) Pick the place
  • (3) Establish a routine

If you do those things, I know your skillset will grow. You will become better. You'll acquire more clients. You will have more opportunities for career growth. You will push through the barriers that are currently holding you back. You will be more successful than you thought you could ever be.

What are you waiting for? Take the first step and schedule the time! It is the first step to the simple 3 step strategy to being successful at anything.

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