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Business Communication: How to craft unforgettable elevator pitches about your business

Blog author Casey Lewis CL Creative
Casey Lewis
November 29, 2023
Business Communication: How to craft unforgettable elevator pitches about your business

In today's fast-paced business world, the ability to communicate your vision and value concisely and compellingly can be the difference between success and stagnation.

You must understand the power of words and presentation in capturing attention and conveying purpose.

Once you understand the power of words, you need to master the art of business communication. That is exactly what we are going to cover in this post. We’ll focus on the elevator pitch — a tool every business owner should have at their disposal.

What is an Elevator Pitch?

An elevator pitch is more than just a quick summary of what you do; it's a strategic and engaging introduction to your business identity.

At its core, an effective elevator pitch addresses four key questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. Who do you do it for?
  4. And, what makes you uniquely qualified – your "wow" factor.

Each element plays a crucial role in painting a picture of your business that is both intriguing and informative.

Example Elevator Pitch

For example, an elevator pitch for my company would go something like:

I’m Casey, I run my own Creative Agency. We work with growth-minded entrepreneurs to brand, design, and develop high ranking SEO optimized No-Code/Low-code websites. We primarily use a tool called Webflow.

Using no-code/low-code solutions, like Webflow, allows us bring your vision, your product, your service to life faster and more effectively.

But we aren’t just a design and development agency. What I believe sets us apart is out ability to offer a number of creative services like — photography, copy writing, brand strategy, business consulting, and Search Engine Optimization. This reduces the need to find, vet, hire, and manage multiple creatives for your project.

As well as it insures that your online presence is optimized from the beginning to reach your ideal customer and ultimately increase your marketshare and return on investment.

What are the Benefits of a Well-Crafted Elevator Pitch?

In other words, why invest time in perfecting your elevator pitch?

Here are some compelling reasons:

(1) Instant Credibility

You have a few seconds to make a lasting first impression. A well-delivered pitch sets you apart as a professional.

(2) Dream Opportunities

Life is unpredictable – your next big client could be the person you talk to next. You need to be able to effectively communicate who you are, what you do, and how it benefits them.

(3) Clear Expectations

Your pitch offers a window into what working with you is like. It can showcase your confidence and passion, as well as what you bring to the table and what results you might be able to drive for their business.

(4) Authentic Connections

A pitch that resonates emotionally can create a lasting bond with your audience. This is why it is crucial to understand your ideal client’s pain points and effectively communicate them in your pitch as well as how you overcome those.

For example

Most people I work with have limited time, don’t want to deal with multiple agencies or creatives, as well as they want to know that their investment is going to deliver results.

(5) Conversation Starter

An effective pitch is not just a monologue; it's an invitation to dialogue, which is essential in networking scenarios.

Admittedly, if you read the pitch I wrote above, it might sound a bit robotic or verbose. But writing it out in length like I have done above and memorizing it, allows me to tailor it for each conversation and hit the high points as I am explaining what I do to people I meet.

In other words, I may not say word for what I have written above, but that outline in my head allows me the freedom to shorten or expand where necessary.

How Do You Craft Your Elevator Pitch: Tips and Strategies?

To craft a memorable elevator pitch, consider these strategies:

(1) Tell a Short Story

Humanize your pitch with a brief, relatable story that leaves a lasting impression.

Stories are powerful because they create an emotional connection and are more memorable than facts or figures.

Start your pitch with a brief anecdote that encapsulates your passion, the beginning of your business, or a transformative moment for a client.

This narrative should be relatable, showcasing a problem your business can solve, and it should conclude with a satisfying resolution that highlights your expertise or unique approach.

(2) Speak Directly to Your Audience

Tailor your message to the listener – whether it's a potential client or a fellow entrepreneur.

Your elevator pitch should not be one-size-fits-all. Instead, adapt it to resonate with the specific person or audience you are addressing.

For instance, when speaking to potential clients, focus on how your services can benefit their business directly.

If you're addressing fellow entrepreneurs, you might emphasize aspects like innovation and efficiency in your process.

The key is to understand their interests and concerns and tailor your message accordingly.

(3) Solve Their Problem

Position your service or product as a solution to a challenge your audience faces. This approach not only shows your understanding of their needs but also places your business as the answer.

Every business or product should solve a problem or fulfill a need. In your pitch, clearly identify a common challenge or pain point that your target audience faces and then present your business as the solution.

For CL Creative, this could involve highlighting how our Webflow expertise simplifies and accelerates web development, addressing common frustrations like complex coding or inflexible design constraints.

Or another big one is a marketing teams ability to update the website. With a traditionally coded website, it takes days or weeks to have a new page built or content updated. But with Webflow, it can take hours, especially if the content is being created using Webflow’s CMS.

Elevator Pitch in Action - Case Studies from CL Creative

At CL Creative, we’ve seen firsthand how a well-crafted elevator pitch can open doors. For instance, in a recent meeting, our succinct explanation of how we transform complex ideas into user-friendly websites won us the deal.

On the flip side, when our pitch is not tailored and it doesn’t accurately communicate what we do and how we can help, we have lost the deal. When I think back over why: it is most always because I didn’t communicate how we can solve our potential client’s pain points.

You see, having a pitch matters. It could be the difference between winning a deal or loosing a deal.


Your elevator pitch is a key component of your business toolkit. It’s more than just a few sentences about what you do; it’s a reflection of your brand, your mission, and your value.

In the time it takes to share an elevator ride, you can open the door to new opportunities, connections, and paths to success.

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